Chants of Rain
by Jeff Santosuosso

Chance of rain,
layers of haze overhead,
cumulo-nimbus meets thunderhead.
The collection spreads,
skies inhere a drowning neighborhood.

Sea-level oppression -
vengeance or concession?
The sky’s emptying, a natural question.

Chance of rain,

animals seek shelter.
Birds nest in trees
amid stillness, seek a breeze.
This lock of humidity won’t release.
Oh, for a drift to lift a feather
to fan away swelter.

Chance of rain,

neighbors nonplussed,
umbrellas at the ready;
done this before, rain like confetti,
falling pressure,
a hiatus,
then steady.

Chance of rain, chants of rain,

steely sky all that meets the eye.
Lashes laced with raindrops
like spider webs
beneath porch steps.

A gusher or a tease?
We measure inches and duration.
Oh, the deviations. Sometimes a chaser,
others a libation,
no forecast guarantees.

Chants of rain,

good for grass,
good for ponds.
Dry ground cries out.
Skies respond,
moisture’s broadcast
just briefly, then will pass.

Chance of rain,

on the rooftops, patter and hum,
rush down the eaves.
Sandy earth receives
heaven’s full sum.

it all depends on where you are.
Head to water, bayou, or bay,
rain by the Gulf, sunshine past the causeway.

Illya's Honey Literary Journal

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