Illya's Honey Literary Journal

Our Purpose:
Illya’s Honey is an online literary journal. Its main purpose has always been to publish well-crafted poetry using the best electronic means available.

Our Philosophy / Guidelines:
The editorial philosophy is simple: Poetry which strikes a truth, which artfully conveys the human condition is most likely to be selected. Vulgarity and coarseness, just for the sake of the exercise will not be considered..

Illya’s Honey is open to all styles of writing. Abstract, beat, confessional, free verse, synthetic, formal -- we will publish just about anything that has the authenticity and realism we're seeking.

The Process:
We publish in the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. PLEASE, SUBMIT NO MORE THAN FIVE POEMS PER ISSUE.

The editor responds to email inquires sent to however, emailed submissions will not be accepted. We accept submissions only through our web site page. Please feel free to use this link Submissions or the "Submissions" link on our issue pages to send us your work. As we are an electronic literary journal, we do not accept submissions sent through postal mail.

The editor may suggest revisions of the work. These are only suggestions and are not meant to bind any one writer to conforming to our stylistic desires. Many times by conversing about the poetic elements allows us to see where the strengths and weaknesses lie and move the poem forward.

We do not accept previously published work or simultaneous submissions. Illya’s Honey seeks first rights to publication and anthology rights for a possible anthology. All other rights revert to the author. Any poem republished out of Illya’s Honey should be properly cited. Please be aware that your poems are archived in our back issues. We cannot take them down on request.

Please read the journal before submitting. It’s free!

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