Illya's Honey

1___Love, Bread by Leigh Allen
2___KCK & KCMO by Alan Britt
3___Love by Alan Britt
4___Some Final Considerations by John M. Davis
5___Parking by Paul Davis
6___Controlled Burn by Robert L. Dean, Jr.
7___Seconds by Robert L. Dean, Jr.
8___Coffin Nails by Milton Ehrlich
9___Foster Kid by Mike Faran
10___Restoring Loved Ones by Mike Faran
11___The Shadow Poet by Wendy Gist
12___A Game Of Catch by Aaron Glover
13___Fool's Gold by Aaron Glover
14___NuremRally, 1934 by Carol Hamilton
15___Real Ink by Carol Hamilton
16___Rome by Stacey Margaret Jones
17___Tuesday Morning by Stacey Margaret Jones
18___Married Life by Michael Keshigian
19___Writer by Michael Keshigian
20___Holding On by Charles Kesler
21___The Depression Police by Charles Kesler
22___At the Wall, Again by John P. Kristofco
23___Father's Hammer by John P. Kristofco
24___Ode to Ross Gay by Maya Landers
25___Bag of Potatoes by Mary Ann Meade
26___Laundry by Mary Ann Meade
27___Corpus Sun Rise by Tom Murphy
28___West Texas desert bloom by Tom Murphy
29___The Sound of the Stream by Robert Nisbet
30___Attempt at Meaning on the Western Marches by James Owens
31___The Desert Prophets by James Owens
32___The Taylor River by Ignatius Peacher
33___Chants of Rain by Jeff Santosuosso
34___Rise Up by Jeff Santosuosso
35___Eight Seconds by Dawn Schout
36___Whenever It’s Windy by Dawn Schout
37___The Texas Myth by Larry D. Thomas
38___Looking Up Through the Fruitless Mulberry by Loretta Diane Walker
39___Hitchhiking in Wisconsin, May 1979 by Ken Wheatcroft-Pardue
40___Insomnia Poem #23 by Ken Wheatcroft-Pardue